London Vito Taxi

7,300 Fares A Year?

The shortest day of the year coincides with one of the most demanding days of the year for the taxi industry as Christmas parties are in full swing and the UK prepares for the festive break.

The Vito Taxi has the task of taking revellers to their destinations across the UK – capable of carrying six adults, it has a turning circle of just 7.62-metres (25ft) to allow it to perform neat u-turns on the tightest of streets. This is made possible through its clever, Low Speed Manoeuvrability System (LSM) which takes the form of a steering rear axle.

The average Vito Taxi will take 20 fares of up to six passengers per shift – from airport runs to quick hops across town – equating to a maximum of 7,300 fares a year. Urban-based examples of the Vito Taxi will cover up to 30,000-miles a year as they traverse cities. This means the vehicle has to be robust.

Tough, versatile and more than up to the task of carrying dozens of passengers every day in comfort and safety, the Vito Taxi is capable of 34.9 mpg on the combined cycle thanks to its powerful and refined 2,148cc diesel engine. In fact, if the fare happens to go via a private proving ground, the Vito Taxi could achieve a maximum speed of 109 mph.

The Vito Taxi currently holds a 40 per cent share of the Metropolitan Taxi market in the UK.